The Dummies’ Guide to Cam Tipping Etiquette

Imagine going to the restaurant for the first time, especially if you are in a foreign country that has totally different take on customer service and appropriate tips. How would you know what is the right tipping etiquette to observe? 

Exactly. It is not always easy to measure a reward that is a sign of gratitude, satisfaction, and appreciation of good service if you don’t know the rules of the local game. The world of sex cams puts in place similar challenges for visiting newbies. While you can enjoy plenty of moments of gratis pleasure on free cam sites, there always comes a time when you are more than happy with the service, want to have a particular wish fulfilled or you just really like the cam girl and want to give her a gift. 

Tipping Etiquette

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Live cam shows may look like they are under a veil of mystery but they are usually pretty straightforward. Some useful tips from a knowledgeable cam master could do you a world of good in this respect.

Tipping Etiquette: Basic Myths about Live Cam Girls

Most sex cam sites create specific guidelines about tipping etiquette which you need to read to get ahead in the live cams game. However, there are some classic basics that are worthwhile knowing. They can help you put to rest many question marks that show up in your head regarding live cam girls tipping.

The key rule of reward applies here, too. Tips work. They make you a great customer, show that you appreciate a real give-and-take, and potentially put you in cam girls’ “golden books”.

And you know what it means when a person gets into someone’s most important books.

There are many things you can do to tip live girls in a private show just for your eyes. The most simple way to show your satisfaction is by investing some tokens or credits that come included in the site membership. Advanced cam sites often provide additional possibilities for members to give bonuses for a great performance. Sometimes, these options are defined by the cam girl and sometimes the guidelines are created by the studio. However, cam girls often choose several options given by the cam site. They mostly use them all or just keep to a few.

Tipping is a Sign of Respect!

It shows that you are not an ungrateful leecher who spends his online life searching for free stuff. Just like in a regular shop, top-quality services do not usually come free. The more you give, the more you get.  

The Secret Ingredient to a Great Live Cam Experience

There is one vital tip that you can learn only when you become an experienced user of free cam sites. There is a delicate balance between tipping for a reward and over-tipping. While most cam girls love generous men, there is a number who will do only selected cam stuff for a reward. The safest way to check this is by selecting the right live cam category or just check with the girl. Still, remember that no cam girl will beg for a gift as this spoils the pleasure.

A tipped girl is a happy girl. Usually, live cam girls love when someone visits a room where a free cam show is undergoing and gives some credit for the effort. Aside from the fact that live cam performance makes cam girls happy, this type of support is the main reason that they continue sharing it with the world for free. From time to time, a generous tip can make a camera girl break her usual values boundaries. As this can be a risky business, it is worth applying some caution when you travel to that territory.

Cam girls know that they are not entitled to tipping. However, they also know that success is built over time. A positive attitude with a smile combined with the appropriate tipping etiquette will do wonders.

Tipping Etiquette Summary

To sum it up – when the service is fancy, tips are bigger. You can use that motto as a basic tipping etiquette drill when you want to get the best experience of sex cams. Live cam girls enjoy sex-plays. For example, rewards, tokens and credits can be used to keep the excitement up. This is just like in a stripping poker. If you apply some fantasy, there are numerous other ideas you can think of to make tipping a cool and tasteful experience.  

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