Real Webcam Model Gives 7 Chatting Lessons

Communication with a webcam girl is in many aspects similar to communication with other women you meet in real life, but it also has some specifics. A webcam model knows that majority of the customers of cam sites are not what many people think they are – perverts or freaks. They are just normal, regular guys looking for some online fun.

How to Charm a Webcam Model

Cam models claim that they’ve had weirder experiences off the screen that they’ve had chatting in a sex cam show. When a girl works for longer, plenty of valuable tips abound. Here is a quick list of “dos” and don’ts” that come straight out of the lips of a cam model who knows her way around cam rooms. By using her advice, you will be blessed with the most amazing virtual sex chat.

webcam model with coffee

Talking about some useful sexting tips!

  • Start the show with your hands where everyone can see them. There is no need to explain this one in detail. You wouldn’t want to be marked as a creep immediately when you enter the room, would you? Sure, this is not strictly forbidden, but it serves its purpose when applied in the right way.
  • Keep it in the virtual world. Even if you happen to meet the cam model in your life, don’t even think that you know her for real. Cam girls are off limits in reality.
  • Cam shows are not porn. If you are expecting more action and involvement, accompanied by a super-hot sex scenario, cam rooms are not your deal. You can get something totally different, although equally awesome from a webcam performance.

What Webcam Models Actually Like

  • Don’t act like a freak because you are not one. You can experiment and fantasize about what you are not getting at home, and still be way more faithful than the real cheaters.
  • Don’t be afraid to show that you are human. Sure, the chatting on a cam is supported with tokens and credits, but you may get even luckier if you share a tiny private bit about yourself. This doesn’t mean that cam chat rooms are for confessions.
  • Stay away from sharing obscene images. No one likes a dick pic, not even for fun. Sweet and smooth talk is much better than that.
  • Choose your online time wisely. Instead of logging when it is crowded in the wee hours and getting the leftovers because cam models are too tired and non-inventive, go for less busy periods and you will get full attention from your top webcam model.

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