While you may not be used to watching a virtual camera experience in your daily life, the super-modern cams are already way in the adult industry. Cam rooms are an ideal place to include a VR camera and make it friend both to the cam girl and the happy guest. Moreover, the application of virtual cameras is exceptional in cam reality shows, that are growing significantly more popular on top cam websites.

And what is not to love when users can get the ultimate 360 adventure from a comfort of the room? This makes virtual cameras as close to the real deal as possible. It is just expected that, with the rise of 360-technology, this recent trend will find its place in the cam rooms. Most cam manufacturers and all first-class sex cam studios are keeping in line with the trend, persistently albeit slowly.


What is so awesome about the virtual cameras that makes them a step (or more) ahead of the digital cameras when installed in a sex cam room?

  1. Virtual cameras work amazingly well with a paired headset and give an incomparable visual feeling. The 360-degree circular view can access all angles and distances, and can get very close to a pair of nice tits and hot ass. The feel is so real and looks like you can almost touch the best of the hottest cam models on your favorite websites. Sometimes, all you need is just the headset, but many virtual cameras are now sold in pairs with the headset for the same price.


  1. The new VR cameras open up a whole new world as they allow users to make a sexy clip and watch the movie with the same technology. You are becoming both a director and a porn actor at the same time.


  1. The visual effects of virtual cameras are all-encompassing, unlike anything you have seen before. This is very difficult to describe by words unless you have actually experienced the thrill. With only one camera positioned right in the cam room or a reality cam house you can see the adventures of all cam models in the same room. It is almost like falling down the rabbit-hole.


  1. As an amateur, you can already get a virtual camera with excellent features for your private use. However, there is nothing like professional virtual cameras. The trouble is that this super-trendy cam technology comes with a cost. You can keep the affordable options for home and get online to enjoy in some professional VR experience on top-notch sex cam sites.


  1. Most recently produced virtual cameras come with dual fish-eye lenses and advanced image sensors. The aftermath of these spectacular features is getting both super-sexy videos and images. Still images of cam models made by virtual cameras are unbelievable!


  1. Many virtual cameras can shoot 180-degree wide angle videos and pics. You know what a good panorama means out or cam rooms, so you can only imagine how awesome it looks when a cam girl gives you a performance in this mode!


  1. VR cameras are portable and come with extra accessories. This is very useful if you like to make an amateur video clip and submit it to one of the cam sites that give bonuses to regular members. Hey, you may even become a cam performer yourself! With all those tripods and hand-grips, fucking and filming become a breeze at the same time.


  1. Virtual cameras are so awesome that the content in the same quality can be instantly downloaded and viewed from your smartphone or tablet. Let’s just hope that your device supports the technology, and that you can view all those gorgeous babes giving VR performances wherever you are.


  1. Using virtual cameras on social media platforms is a piece of pie. Normally, latest virtual cams come equipped with social media compatibility, such as the one adjusted to Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Cam models start engaging with extra activity for gaining popularity outside of the regular cam rooms. For you as a sex cam fan, this is just another opportunity of watching incredible hot girls with all their best assets.

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