Each business has its favorite customers. On the other hand, each customer is looking for an awesome online experience and wants to get amazing value for money or, at least, not waste the cash on scanty products and experiences. Cam websites pursue the same policy.

Many cam websites work hard on producing great quality content to attract loyal customers, building a community and maintaining mutually satisfying relationships. Normally, as it is the case with any place visited by many people, it is not easy to separate the weed from the chaff and gain a profitable feeling for both sides.

To become the best customer on sex cam sites, you should know the rules of the game. It is almost like following good manners when visiting a casino. The casino etiquette for giving tips is much like the webcam tipping etiquette, but the risks are much smaller, and the gains are much higher. It is not like you risk losing enormous amounts of money if you don’t always get your lucky numbers. When you are chatting with cam models, you are always in some kind of advantage. You get as much as you give. What’s even more important, is that keeping up with a proper tipping etiquette for a longer period, enables the chance to get extra freebies, bonuses and popular member statuses that will promote you into a cam model favorite.

Those gorgeous sexy models know the deal of the game and like classifying regular visitors into neat little boxes. I should be feeling very uneasy if I knew that a cam model identified me as a “beggar” or a “freeloader”. I know for sure that these words are not a compliment for a cam website visitor. A freeloader is not a popular member of any company. The same applies to sex cam performances. Your other cam roomies and the model herself don’t keep a very high opinion of beggars and freeloaders. What’s the point of sitting in a chat room getting only breadcrumbs, when you can get a full course in a private cam room? Another type of cam site user that is not kept in a very high opinion by the models are the lurkers. Lurkers usually keep very quiet, seating in the background. At least they are not loud and annoying, and do occasionally tip models. They are like benevolent beggars.


Now that you know who are the least favorite cam website regulars, here are five types of regular visitors who quote high on models lists. Where do you belong?

1. Contributors or Chatters

At social events, there is always someone who is called the life of the party, keeps the activities alive and entertains all other guests. The same is with chatters on cam websites. Chatters are usually the “loudest” members but can also sometimes create troubles. The cam room is kept lively and they become everyone’s friends, but are not prone to spending too many tokens or make generous tipping contributions. Still, they are not that bad as freeloaders who want to get all for nothing.

2. Regular Spenders

Although most cam models like to see new members in the cam rooms, regulars are very appreciated. They may not give the largest tips, but definitely keep the room alive and going for a longer time. They are like the bar guest who stays late in the night and closes the bar. The bartender knows that the money will not be spectacular, but for sure comes in regular installments. Top cam models want to keep regulars high on their priority list.

3. Generous Tippers

Some cam show users like to call the big spenders “whales”. These cam website regulars give more than the average expected amounts and they usually do it more often, Normally, when the investment is bigger, the return compensates in the same manner. Big tippers also give more gifts to the cam models, spend more private time and engage the sexiest model in private cam shows.

4. Besties

Besties are a sort of a right hand to the cam girl. They have grown so accustomed to the cam website or the model that they can get literally “cam friend-zoned”. On occasions, cam models instigate the communication on their side, and can use the support of the regular bestie in case of an issue with another room member. This behavior is very informal, but still doesn’t fall out of the sky. It is rather earned, but not by request. To be able to become a bestie of a super-hot cam model, you need to keep a steady tipping pace.

5. Cam Room Sweethearts

Even if they are not the greatest wit their token or tips wallets, sweethearts are the sweetest room participants, genuine and open-minded when they chat with the cam model. Sweethearts still follow a good tipping etiquette, and sometimes even spend more than others who have larger budgets and are not that considerate. Honest and very welcome, the “golden boys” of cam rooms are always taking one of the three top positions on most cam models darlings’ list.

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